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What's Your Home Really Worth?
For most people, their home is the biggest financial investment in their life. But with home values constantly fluctuating, how can anyone really be expected to know what the true value of their home is?

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The only way to truly know the value of your home is to get it appraised by a professional. If you're curious what the value of your home is, call us. We'll appraise your home and provide you with a free report!

What kind of information will you find in our report?
• Information about the condition of your home
• Information about the value of your home
• Prices of comparable active listings in your area
• Prices of comparable homes that have recently sold in your area
• Information on recent pricing trends for your area
• The average time on the market for listings in your area
• Information regarding whether this is a good or bad time to sell or buy a home in your area

If you're considering buying, selling, remodeling or refinancing real estate, it’s vitally important to know the value of the real estate in question. Before you do anything, call us first. Our free appraisal report will give you the information you need to take the next step with confidence.

• The value of our free appraisal is $400
• Addition consultations are available upon customer's request

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